Steven Pinker faces off with Stephen Colbert, and explains a surprising truth about human nature - we may actually be making things better.

30 Second Science with Steven Pinker

Renowned psychologist Steven Pinker explains the psychology of good and evil in less than thirty seconds.

Threats, Bribes, and Come-ons. Why We Speak In Euphemisms.

Steven Pinker explains why we pussy-foot around when we communicate about uncomfortable subjects.

The Colbert Training Guide

Steven Pinker offers tips on how to withstand the heckling of late night comedian Stephen Colbert.

My Cousins the Baboons

Experimental psychologist Steven Pinker (and some other primates) gaze at rainbows and Steven takes pictures.

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About Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University. Among many other subjects, he researches and explores cognition, language and the history of human violence. In his off-hours, he makes frequent appearances on “The Colbert Report” where he endures endless jokes about his hair from host Stephen Colbert.

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