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The Teel Family Web Site
This Alaskan family works together to create a constantly changing site that features snow science, literature, snow recipes, links, art and craft activities such as how to grow a snowflake in a jar.
Snow Crystal Research
Check out the amazing scanning electron micrographs of snow crystals and read about the snow research being conducted at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.
Westwide Avalanche Network

Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center

Avalanche Centers and Phone Numbers
(Westwide Avalanche Network)

Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

Nagaoka Institute of Snow and Ice Studies

Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center Home Page

Utah Avalanche Center

Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center

Forest Service National Avalanche Center

Home Pages And Organizations Of Featured Scientists

Ed Adams

Karl Birkeland (Forest Service National Avalanche Center)

Othmar Buser

Jim Dent

Tom Russi

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