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McCarthy, Branson, and Lindstrand Rory McCarthy
Richard Branson
Per Lindstrand


Marrakech, Morocco (approximately 31 degrees latitude)


Launch Window: winter '97-'98
Cruising Altitude: up to 40,000 feet
Duration: 2-3 weeks
Outside Air Temperature: -50 degrees C
Speed: up to 120 mph

The Balloon

Virgin Global Challenger II
Type: De Rozier
Height: 170 feet
Diameter: 118 feet
Color: top of balloon is white, cone of balloon is aluminum
Fabric: high-tech aramid fabric

The Capsule

Height: 9 feet
Diameter: 9 feet
Fuel: Propane
Fuel Cylinders: 6 propane tanks, 1 ton each with internal heater to thaw frozen gas


  • Challenger's main communications system transmits via satellites using Inmarsat constellation.
  • Satcom-C transceivers
  • "Mini-M" satellite system
  • Marine and Aircraft VHF/HF radios.
  • 3 satellite GPS receivers
Atmospheric Research

Ozone instruments will be taken along to measure the presence of halocarbons in the atmosphere.

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