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'97/'98 Around the World Attempt Team Sites
Breitling Orbiter 2
Global Hilton
J. Renee
Solo Spirit
Virgin Global Challenger
Balloon Life: The Magazine for Hot Air Ballooning
Download a free copy of the balloonists map system handbook and read articles from the magazine's archives.
World Wide Web Balloon Pages
A comprehensive list of links to ballooning companies and organizations around the world.
The Balloon Channel
Read daily updates on worldwide balloon news, find answers to frequently asked questions about ballooning, and search the guide to balloon ride companies arranged by state and even country.
Balloon Federation of America
Find out about upcoming ballooning competitions, seminars, and rallies.
NASA Scientific Balloons
Follow an experimental balloon's flight and visit the National Scientific Balloon Facility.
Balloon Zone
Read the history of modern ballooning and unravel the mysteries behind balloon construction.
Cameron Balloons
Learn about what goes into making a hot air balloon from a company that manufactures them.

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