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Web Links
US Navy
From here, you can find your way to any one the Navy's many sites. Features include the Navy Fact File, the "Status of the Navy," digital images, Navy news, jobs, links, and more.

USNSM Online History Center
The USNSM Online History Center offers an array of naval history information, including facts on aircraft carriers, destroyers, battleships, as well as frequently asked questions.

U.S. Navy - The Aircraft Carriers
The Navy's page on aircraft carriers includes an illustrated history, digital images, a list of all aircraft carriers, and an explanation of the colors worn by flight deck personnel.

Battleships, Carriers and All Other Warships
This site offers naval statistics, pictures, books, magazines and histories.

Aircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the Present : An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Roger Chesneau. United States Naval Inst., 1984.
Organized by country, Carriers of the World examines ships by class from oldest to most recent. Containing over 400 line drawings and photos, the work gives design information and a short service history of the ships.

Carrier : A Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier by Tom Clancy. Penguin USA (Paper), 1999.
This behind-the-scenes tour of the aircraft carrier includes information on takeoffs and landings, flying into the danger zone, the aircraft onboard, and the role of the carrier in modern naval warfare. Included with the text are exclusive photographs, illustrations and diagrams.

The Fast Carriers : The Forging of an Air Navy by Clark G. Reynolds. United States Naval Inst., 1992.
This book concentrates on the creation of the Air Navy during its most interesting period, 1941-45. The work details the change from the battleship navy to the fast carrier battle groups of today.

US Carriers at War by Peter Kilduff. United States Naval Inst., 1997.
Read about some of the most interesting exploits of US Navy aircraft carrier operations. This book portrays stories of courage that often mark air operations from the flight decks of the US Navy aircraft carriers at war.

Special Thanks
Lt. Lori Dague
Lt. Bob Mehal
Lt. Com. Denny Moynihan
Producer Kirk Wolfinger

Lauren Aguirre, Senior Producer
Christine Chan, Intern
Kim Ducharme, Senior Designer
Brenden Kootsey, Technologist
Rob Meyer, Production Assistant

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