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Great Minds Build Bird Brains
Read about the robots that bowerbird researchers at the University of Maryland used to study how bowerbirds mate. At this site you will also find pictures of the robotic birds and their circuit-board innards.

Sexual Selection in Bowerbirds
Want to help bowerbird expert Dr. Gerald Borgia, whose interview appears on this site, study satin bowerbirds in Australia? Find out the details on his lab's Web site, which also has general information on sexual selection in bowerbirds, references to the more than 50 scholarly and popular articles Borgia has authored or coauthored, and more.

Bowerbird Blues
Those interested in an all-around Internet introduction to bowerbirds will find plenty of useful information at this companion Web site to a Nature program about bowerbirds. The site includes interactive games, resources for teachers and students, and several articles on various topics related to bowerbirds.

Birdwatching Australia
The Australian rainforest is teeming with exotic birds, including the southern cassowary, the green pygmy goose, and the double-eyed fig parrot. Visit this site to find out more about bowerbirds and other Australian fowl.

The Birds of Paradise and Bower Birds by William T. Cooper. Boston: David R. Godine, 1979.
This thick, beautiful book is the ultimate text and image resource on bowerbirds. It is full of maps and illustrations painted by hand in color. Priced at $1,200, however, you will probably want to view it at your local university library. Bowerbirders and bowerbirders-in-the-making will find it well worth the trip.

Birds of Paradise and Bower Birds by E. Thomas Gilliard. Garden City, New York: Natural History Press, 1969
Written by an American Museum of Natural History ornithologist and sumptuously illustrated with color and black-and-white plates, this hefty text is an early classic in the field.

Bower-Birds: Their Displays and Breeding Cycles, a Preliminary Statement by Alexander James Marshall. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1954.
For a full accounting of the courtship and mating rituals of every species of bowerbird, check out this definitive illustrated text.

A Field Guide to Australian Birds by Peter Slater. Adelaide: Rigby, 1970.
After more than 30 years, Slater's volume on Australian birds is still the number one source for amateur and professional bird watchers travelling to Australia or touring the rainforests from their living rooms.

Special Thanks
William Betz, Roger Williams Park Zoo
Gerald Borgia, University of Maryland
Dr. J. Albert C. Uy, University of California, SB

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Katie Caldwell, Associate Designer
Rick Groleau, Managing Editor
Brenden Kootsey, Senior Web Developer
Lexi Krock, Editorial Assistant
Peter Tyson, Editor in Chief
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Image Credits
Bowerbirds Home—Photos: WGBH/NOVA

On the Trail of the Bowerbird—Photos: (1) Courtesy of Gerald Borgia, University of Maryland; (2-4,6-8) WGBH/NOVA; (5) © Gail Patricelli, University of Maryland

Creature Courtship—Photos: (1,3,6) WGBH/NOVA; (2,4,5,7) Corbis Images; (8) © Mary Feay, Earthwatch Institute.

Are Bowers Art?—Photos: (1-3) WGBH/NOVA; Video Clip: WGBH/NOVA

Bowerbird Matching Game—Photos: All, except Vogelkop bowerbirds, WGBH/NOVA; Vogelkop bowerbirds: © Will Betz

Compiled by Lexi Krock

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