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Mark Murphy
Creswell, Oregon
The BugE Personal Electric Transport (P.E.T.)

Murphy vehicle

I designed the BugE when I realized that the majority of automobile trips in the U.S. are made by one person driving less than 35 miles. Since most of us live in a city and run our daily errands to local stores and schools, I thought perhaps there would be interest in a small personal vehicle that is clean, quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to park. I also realized that it needed to be fun to drive, stable, and capable of carrying a few bags of groceries.

With three wheels (two in front, one in the back), the BugE is classified and licensed as a motorcycle, not a car, yet it has greater stability and weather protection than most motorcycles. A single-piece fairing keeps the wind and rain off me, yet it tilts forward to allow easy access and exit. (I still need a jacket when it's cold, but I would need one in any case driving in a car for short trips.)

When I drive the BugE, I sit at the same height as other cars, so I can see (and be seen). And I can keep up with local traffic. In other words, my BugE is quick but not fast.

Since I drive it locally, I stay within the electrical grid, and power is everywhere. I can re-charge my small battery pack as needed (if needed) from any outlet, like refilling a canteen from a drinking fountain. Charging the vehicle costs less than making a phone call, and I spend about a penny per mile on electricity.

It's bigger than a bike and smaller than a Buick. Now everybody I know wants one...

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Mark Murphy and his prized "P.E.T." (personal electric transport)

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Four BugEs can fit in one parking space, and getting in and out of the vehicle is a snap.

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