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When we launched the "Car of the Future: Open Production" site, we asked for audience input, and we got it in spades. Many of the hundreds of people who e-mailed us said, in essence, "Come see the 'car of the future'—it's in my garage." With vehicles powered by electricity, vegetable oil, and other alternative fuels, these folks are taking action to change the nature of driving. So we asked them to send in pictures of their vehicles and tell us why they drive them.

You can share your thoughts and questions about these vehicles, or contribute a submission of your own, on our discussion board.

Larry Allen

Larry Allen
Riverside, California
Electric Honda del Sol

My Honda del Sol electric vehicle travels 60 highway miles on a single charge...

Dennis 'Kilowatt' Berube

Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube
Laveen, Arizona
"Current Eliminator V"

I love drag racing ... For the last 15 years, I have been racing at the strip, but not in the average drag car....

Ken Bookstein

Ken Bookstein
Portland, Oregon
Prius Hybrid and Electric Bike

My wife and I have a 2002 Prius and a 2006 Prius, and I also own an electric bike....

Eugen Dunlap, Sinan Dunlap, and Kadife Besir-Dunlap

Eugen Dunlap, Sinan Dunlap,
and Kadife Besir-Dunlap

Davis, California
GM EV1, Toyota RAV4EV, Ford Ranger EV

Our first "vehicle of the future" was GM's legendary EV1, which we initially leased almost a decade ago....

Rex Irby

Rex Irby
Elmhurst, Illinois
Compressed Natural Gas Honda Civic GX

I have five children, wife, dog, and now a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Honda Civic 2006 GX with a Phill pump in my garage as my gas station....

C. Michael Lewis

C. Michael Lewis
Portland, Maine
"Eracer" Electrathon Racecar

My car of the future is an electric racecar. I built it in my basement to inspire kids, promote an ethic of efficiency, and see how far I could go...


Scottsdale, Arizona

The "freedom from the pump" that electric vehicles endow on the driver is a life changing experience....

Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy
Creswell, Oregon
The BugE Personal Electric Transport (P.E.T.)

I designed the BugE when I realized that the majority of automobile trips in the U.S. are made by one person driving less than 35 miles....

Cynthia Shelton

Cynthia Shelton
San Bruno, California
VegOil Mercedes 220D

Converting an elderly car to drive on VegOil became my solution....

Greg Simon and Heidi Locke Simon

Greg Simon & Heidi Locke Simon
Mill Valley, California
Toyota RAV4EVs

In 2002 we installed a 4.8kW photovoltaic array on our home and purchased two Toyota RAV4EVs ...

Stan Teliczan and Kim Cohagan

Stan Teliczan & Kim Cohagan
San Diego, California
GEM eL Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

We haggle over who gets to drive it to the market, to work, and to take our dogs to the local dog park....

Robert Wilhelm, Jr

Robert Wilhelm, Jr
Wilmington, Delaware
Stanley Steam Car

While definitely a "car of the past" more than a "car of the future," the 1918 Stanley Steam Car that I've restored and drive ...

Mike Willmon

Mike Willmon
Anchorage, Alaska

I converted this vehicle to electric to prove to myself that it can be done....


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