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Build an Igloo
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Igloos can withstand hurricane force winds. Start with a base area, packed down by stamping out the area with your feet. In a work area nearby, a second person should begin harvesting blocks about 2.5 feet wide, 1.5 feet high, and .5 feet deep.

Make the base layer of the igloo, being sure to make the igloo big enough so that up to four or more people can sleep comfortably. One person should work inside, constantly adjusting the blocks and filling in the cracks between the blocks.

The second row of blocks should be cut beveled at the bottom so the layer begins to slant inward toward the middle. Initially, the person inside must work carefully to prevent the blocks from falling; after three or so blocks are placed side by side, they should hold themselves up. Continue to work upward so that the top of the igloo is about shoulder height with the person working inside.

At the very top there will be a hole that can be filled with one single block. After the igloo is completed begin to dig downward to enlarge the inner chamber. The entrance should be dug in below the main chamber area, similar to the snow cave. Cut vents in one or two places for air circulation.

Self-Arrest Snow Cave Igloo Crevasse Rescue
Self-Arrest Snow Cave Igloo Crevasse Rescue

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