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Skydive from the Stratosphere

The Mission
Your mission couldn't be simpler. Ride your balloon to an altitude of 100,000 ft, then jump. Don't worry about the lack of air pressure and oxygen—your pressurized suit will keep you alive in the near-vacuum of the stratosphere.

Deploy the stabilization chute to keep your body from spinning out of control. Open it too early (or too late) and its shrouds will wrap around your body. Be careful when deciding to deploy your main chute, too. Open it too early and it will tear to shreds; wait too long and your team might be shoveling your remains into a barrel.

Good luck, and remember: Your main objective is to stay alive.

Note: Your weight, including your pressure suit and everything attached to it, is 320 pounds.

dive Pre-Launch
Date: August 16, 1960
Location: New Mexico desert, north of Tularosa
Time: 5:29am
Weather: a storm system currently in Texas may be approaching test site

Continue: Launch the balloon

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