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Play Skydive from the Stratosphere (145k)
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Skydive from the Stratosphere
On August 16, 1960, Joe Kittinger stood at the edge of his balloon's gondola, 19 and a half miles above the Earth's surface, and leapt out into the near vacuum of the stratosphere. Almost 14 minutes later he landed on solid ground. To say that Kittinger's jump was a daring and courageous feat would be a vast understatement...but there was a purpose to his gallantry. His team's findings would hopefully benefit those unfortunate high-flying pilots needing to eject at high altitudes.

Skydive from the Stratosphere is a reenactment of Kittinger's record-breaking jump—a reenactment that puts you in Joe Kittinger's pressure boots.

A great deal of research and testing occurred before Kittinger's skydive from the stratosphere. You'll benefit from some of what was learned—you'll need to deploy a stabilizing chute to keep from spinning out of control, for example. But the rest you'll need to figure out for yourself.

Don't worry, though. Yes, you probably won't survive your first attempt, but that's OK. Just click Start Over and you'll be given new life...and a new chance to make the jump.

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