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Missed the May 22, 1997 live audio WebCast from the summit? Select one of the connection speeds below to hear the archived audio (aprox. 30 min. duration) of our climbers checking in with Dr. Howard Donner at Everest Base Camp, taking neuro-behavioral tests, and describing their summit experiences. A transcript of the WebCast and a QuickTime VR of the summit are also available.

The live WebCast took place in two formats:
  • RealAudio format, made possible by Audionet
  • Multicast format via the Mbone, made possible by WGBH Radio and MCI. Multicasting allows one audio stream to reach numerous users, relying on routers to replicate the data and deliver it to specific end users. Currently, multicasting is largely limited within intranets and the subset of the Internet called the Mbone.

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