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Transcript of "Lost on Everest"
First broadcast January 18, 2000

Transcript of "Everest—Into the Death Zone"
First broadcast February 24, 1998

Teacher's Guide to accompany "Everest—Into the Death Zone"
Includes "The O2 Factor" Activity

Indian Subcontinent
From Lukla to Base Camp
From Base Camp to the Summit (South Side)

Mount Everest
This site, available in French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian provides live pictures from Everest, links to related sites, information on current expeditions, history, news, and a chat room. At their store, you can find Everest commercial guides, books, videos, and more.

Mountainzone's Web site offers several live expeditions to the world's most demanding peaks (often to Everest), interviews with climbers, weather reports, mountain photography, gear reviews, and an online store.

Everest News
This site offers up-to-date Everest news, as well as a discussion forum, facts and details about high-altitude climbing, as well as book and gear information - a place where "Everest climbers come for News."

This page offers a list of many of the Web sites devoted to Mt. Everest and related items.
National Geographic's site on Everest offers dispatches, articles, and photos from several recent expeditions to Everest. Included is news on the Millennium Expedition which used GPS technology to obtain the most accurate measurements of Everest to date.

Everest Books
First on Everest: The Mystery of Mallory & Irvine by Tom Holzel and Audrey Salkeld. New York, 1986

The definitive book on the subject, First on Everest closely explores the expeditions of the 1920s and the mysterious disappearance George Mallory and Sandy Irvine. Holzel and Salkeld meticulously examine the clues as to whether it was indeed these two men who first reached the summit of Everest.

High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places by David Breashears, Simon and Schuster, 1999

David Breashears, a legendary climber and the creator of the IMAX "Everest," tells his story. From his formative years to the recent 1996 Everest disaster, Breashears weaves tales of adventure with an exploration of the deeper questions that surround the world of climbing.

Into Thin Air : A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster by Jon Krakauer. Anchor Books, 1998

A survivor's account of the tragic May 1996 Everest expedition takes readers into the horrifying storm that claimed the lives of 12 climbers.

Everest: The Best Writing and Pictures from Seventy Years of Human Endeavour by Peter Gillman, Little, Brown and Co., 1993

Illustrated with spectacular photographs, this book collects into one volume many of the compelling stories surrounding Mount Everest.

Everest : Mountain Without Mercy by Broughton Coburn, Tim Cahill (Introduction), David Breashears, David Breashears (Afterword). Random House, 1997

This book recounts the harrowing May 1996 Everest expedition led by filmmaker David Breashears. It features scores of never-before-published images, including the first taken from the top of the world in the spectacular IMAX format.

Lauren Aguirre, Senior Producer
Christine Chan, Intern
Liesl Clark, Producer
Kim Ducharme, Senior Designer
Tyler Howe, Assistant Designer
Brenden Kootsey, Technologist
Albert Lee, Production Assistant
Rob Meyer, Production Assistant

Special Thanks
Audrey Salkeld
David Breashears
Wongchu Sherpa, Peak Promotions
John Borden, Peace River Studios
Sean Condon
Larry Johnson
Jeanne-Marie Gilbert
Steve Garfinkel
Gill Rysieki
Gary Neptune
Sandra Noel
Mrs. Scott Russell
Virginia Grant
Andrew North
John Mallory
David Taylor
Tom Holzel
Julie Steele
Mike Esten
Steve Conlon, Above the Clouds
Al Read, GeoExpeditions
Norbu Tenzing, American Himalayan Foundation
Michele Harvey
Matt Greenhalgh
Peter Tyson
Kate Churchill

Alive on Everest (1997)
Lauren Aguirre, Senior Producer
Kate Churchill, Field Associate Producer
Liesl Clark, Producer
Farah Dastur, Intern
Kim Ducharme, Designer
Brenden Kootsey, Production Technologist
Peter Pinch, Shockwave Programming
Brad Puffer, Production Assistant
Annie Valva, QuickTime VR Director of Technology

Special Thanks: Apple Computer

Everest Quest (1996)
Lauren Aguirre, Senior Producer
Liesl Clark, Producer
Julia Whitney, Designer
Chris Kilmer, Production Technologist

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