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Mountain Gear: Now
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GIF animation (six frames) of David Breashears with clothing for different areas Watch David Breashears suit up:
  1. First layer or basic layer worn at all times: Long underwear and socks.
  2. Second layer or daytime Base Camp clothes: Pants, hiking boots, pile jacket.
  3. Evening Base Camp Layer (added to above layer): Down Jacket, light hat, light gloves.
  4. Icefall to Camp III: Wind pants, double boots, wool hat, gloves, harness, crampons, gators, glacier glasses, storm jacket.
  5. Camp IV: Down suit, Glacier glasses, heavy gloves, face mask, oxygen bottle, mask and regulator, radio.
  6. Summit: Down suit, mask, mittens, black overboots, ice axe, ski goggles, radio, oxygen canister and regulator in backpack.

Photos: Aaron Strong

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