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Clothing Comparison
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Compare the clothing worn by George Mallory at 27,250 feet in 1924 with the modern gear worn by the man who found him, Conrad Anker. To see the last picture taken of Mallory and Irvine, and details about their gear, go to Mountain Gear: Then and Now.

George Leigh Mallory's Clothing Conrad Anker's Clothing

Bottoms: Thermal long underwear (bottoms): white
Wool long johns: brown, medium weave
Wool leggings/puttees: light brown, medium weave
Wool knickers

Bottoms: (2) pair 100-weight fleece tights: black, synthetic pile
Top: Wool long underwear (top): white
Silk button-down shirt: faded light green with label "Junior Army & Navy Stores"
Flannel shirt: blue and white pinstripe
Wool Jumper (Sweater): brown, thick weave
Outer cotton windproof garment: army green, tight weave, button down shell jacket with pockets and buttons.

Top: Silk weight T-shirt: blue and green
(2) zip polypropylene tops: maroon
(2) 100-weight fleece tops: maroon, synthetic pile
1.5-inch-thick baffled one-piece down suit with hood, zippers: red
Hands: Fingerless wool knit gloves: green
Fur-lined leather gloves

Hands: 100-weight fleece gloves
Down mittens: red
Feet: three pairs wool socks: medium weave
Hobnail boots (no inner boot)
Feet: (3) pairs thin wool socks
Double boot with built-in over gaiter: yellow and black

Hat: Fur-lined leather bomber hat Hat: Wind-proof fleece hat

Neck: Thin weight balaclava (neck gaiter with hood)

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