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Outfitting Wildland Firefighters
by Lexi Krock

Wildland firefighter gear is designed to strike a series of delicate, life-or-death balances. It must be heavy-duty enough to protect its wearer from the searing heat of 1000°F flames, yet it must also be breathable, cool, and lightweight enough to allow firefighters to dig, chop, shovel, and lug heavy equipment without feeling overly encumbered. Likewise, a wildland firefighter's gear must be all-inclusive, with every possible tool at the ready that he or she could need while working in remote areas, yet all of this must be 100 percent portable by its wearer—you can only use what you can carry. With this in mind, explore a wildland firefighter's workaday wardrobe and assorted tools.

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Lexi Krock is editorial assistant of NOVA Online.

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