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House in water

Hear the storm (400k, aiff)

The 1997 Red River Flood

The Flood of the Century

Farm in water

The Great Flood of 1993

The Great Flood of 1993 Post-flood Report

Flood of 1993 Uncovers Devonian Sea Floor

House being washed away

General Flood Information Links

    Federal Emergency Management Services
    Probably the first place you should go to on the Web for information on floods. FEMA provides key phone numbers, preparedness information, recovery information, news from individual states, maps and weather links.
FEMA Backgrounder on Floods and Flash Floods
A good write-up on what constitutes a flood versus a flash flood. For those researching facts and good general flood background information, this is the place.
Newton's Apple
Public Television's own Newton's Apple has an excellent write-up on floods and how they are caused. They also have suggested activities/home experiments so you can see how difficult water management can be. It's a well researched and informative (fun too) Web page.
USGS Water Resources Information
The water resources page of all pages, the USGS offers real-time hydrologic data, giving up-to-date satellite imagery and data on stream flows in U.S. states. Lots of facts and data to sift through here.
The SAST Database
A very in-depth scientific approach to flood research: the Scientific Assessment and Strategy Team present their data and images from studies done on the Mississippi and Missouri River basins, before, during, and after floods.

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