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Bioacoustics Research Program
Info on Bill Evans' research including a bibliography and descriptions of the software that can detect and identify nocturnal flight calls.
Duke University Primate Center
Learn about prosimian primates such as lemurs and tarisers, and find out about the research being done on their evolution, biology, and conservation needs.
Listen to the sounds that aye-ayes make, and see a map of their territory in Madagascar.
Bat Conservation International
Check out the latest bat conservation efforts while learning how to photograph bats and build your own bat house.
WildNet Africa Wildlife Portal
This site provides myriad links to other sites that offer viewers with opportunities to study, conserve, discuss, and experience African wildlife. Also includes hot news, travel tips, and more.

Message from an Owl
by Max Terman
Princeton University Press, 1996

Nature's Night Life
by Robert Burton
Blandford Books Ltd, 1982

Nightwatch: The Natural World from Dusk to Dawn
by Jane Burton and Kim Taylor
Roxby and Lindsey Press, 1983

Birds by Night
by Graham Martin, John Busby
Academic Press, 1990

Get Real

Citizen Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a number of projects that accept volunteers to help participate in national bird research. Participants are sent research kits with complete instructions, reference materials, and data forms, which they fill out and send to the Lab for analysis. Current programs include Project FeederWatch, Project PigeonWatch, The House Finch Disease Survey, Birds in Forested Landscapes, and the Cornell Nest Box Network.

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