Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor
Anatomy of Yamato
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Anatomy of Yamato

In the mid-1930s, when battleships were the ultimate weapons in naval warfare, the Imperial Japanese Navy commissioned an extraordinary ship called Yamato. It was intended to be the greatest battleship of all—with more powerful guns, advanced optics, and impenetrable armor. But by the time Yamato entered service on December 16, 1941, aircraft carriers had begun to eclipse battleships. Japan's own attack on Pearl Harbor just a week earlier made it clear that airpower would be decisive in the Pacific War. And Yamato itself fell victim to such an attack near the war's end. (See it documented in Yamato's Final Voyage.) In this interactive, explore Yamato and learn what made Japan's seemingly unsinkable ship vulnerable.—Susan K. Lewis

This feature originally appeared on NOVA's Sinking the Supership website.

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