Cybersecurity Lab Team

  • Lauren Aguirre
    Lauren Aguirre Director of Digital Media
  • Chelsea Bailey
    Chelsea Bailey Digital Intern
  • Ralph Bouquet
    Ralph Bouquet Outreach Coordinator
  • David Condon
    David Condon Editorial Director
  • Jennifer Doherty
    Jennifer Doherty Project Manager
  • Caz Downing-Bryant
    Caz Downing-Bryant Senior Developer
  • Dan  Hart
    Dan Hart Senior Developer
  • Tyler Howe
    Tyler Howe Director of Design + UX
  • Kathy Neal
    Kathy Neal Lead Producer
  • Alex Rosenthal
    Alex Rosenthal Content Producer

Image credits

Homepage: carta botnet (map of internet)

Cybersecurity Lab landing page: Nick Hilditch, carta botnet (composite image of network, map of internet)