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Temple of the Warrior, Chichen Itza

Chichen Before Before
Before any work was done on this structure, which is now known as the Temple of the Warriors, it appeared as only a 50-foot high mound of debris covered with trees. In this picture, taken after initial excavation, you can see the top left portion of the structure. Chichen Itza was the main ruling center of the Yucatan between 1191-1448 AD, in what is now known as Mexico.

Chichen Mid Middle
The temple, seen here during excavation, rests on a pyramidal foundation 37 feet high and 136 feet square at the base. The crew shown in this photograph were part of the Carnegie Institute excavation team which uncovered the structure.

Chichen after After
After four years of excavation, in 1928, the Temple of the Warriors was revealed in its full glory. The pyramid is decorated with richly sculptured friezes of animals, birds and warriors. Seen here at the right side of the structure is a steep stairway of 36 steps that is 34 feet wide rising to the temple platform. On either side of the stairway are two stone sculptures four feet wide, carved to represent feathered rattlesnakes.


Photo: (3) Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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