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Rabbit in the Moon
This site includes articles about the Mayan calendar, architecture, culture, and hieroglyphic writing (with a how-to guide for writing your own name).

Mayan Ruins
Here you'll find a map of archaeological sites in Mexico and Belize, with descriptions written by early archaeologists, as well as an under-construction timeline and annotated bibliography.

Pre-Colombian Art Research Institute
This Web site features recent news updates about the Pre-Colombian archeological community, as well as images of various Meso-American sites.

This is a usenet group devoted to the discussion of Meso-American cultures, including the Maya, Aztec and others, as well as Pre-Colombian cultures, such as the Inca.

Cave Passages: Roaming the Underground Wilderness
by Michael Ray Taylor
Scribner, 1996

The Blood of Kings
by Linda Schele and Mary Ellen Miller
George Braziller, Inc., 1992

Breaking the Maya Code
by Michael D. Coe
Thames & Hudson, 1993

(for children)
The Monkey's Haircut: And Other Stories Told by the Maya
by John Bierhorst (Editor)
William Morrow & Company, 1986

Get Real
Western Belize Regional Cave Project
The Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project will conduct archaeological research within various caves in Belize in the summer of 1998. The project will focus on interpreting the role of caves in the culture of the ancient Maya. Dr. Jaime Awe of the University of New Hampshire will direct the archaeological investigations, which will include extensive exploration of cave sites, mapping of rooms and artefacts, typing of pottery, artefact tabulation, data recording, and excavation. Volunteers must be in excellent physical condition and at least 18 years of age. There is a fee. For applications and more information, e-mail Cameron Griffith, Co-Director, at:

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