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Palenque Palace

Palenque Palace before Before
This photograph was taken in 1891, and shows the West Courtyard and the Tower of the Palace at Palenque, in Mexico. Palenque sits at the bottom of a row of hills covered with tall rain forest. Beneath this large and elaborate palace, which is about 300 feet long and 240 feet wide, runs an aqueduct carrying water from a nearby stream.

Palenque Palace after After
In this contemporary photograph of the palace, you can see the central tower after excavation. Inside the tower is a stairway leading up its four stories. It has been speculated that the tower may have been used as an observatory or watch tower. It was built around 600 AD, under the rule of Lady K'an Ik', a female ruler who reigned for about 22 years.


Photos: (2) © Merle Greene Robertson, 1987.

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