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Leopards of the Night

Welcome to the companion Web site to the NOVA program "Leopards of the Night," originally broadcast on PBS on December 1, 1998. Using special photography equipment, this film reveals never-before-seen leopard hunting behavior. Here's what you'll find online:
  • "The Camera That Caught a Leopard"
    Infrared photography captured leopards stalking prey even on pitch-black nights. Learn the principles behind this type of photography.

  • "Night Vision"
    Take a close look at the eyes of eight animals and discover how they see at night.

  • "Behind the Scenes"
    The producers of "Leopards of the Night" spent more than 3,300 hours shooting the film. Find out why it was the hardest film they ever made.

  • "Seeing Through Camouflage" (Hot Science)
    Many animals blend seamlessly into their environment to avoid being seen. See if you can sort 12 amazing creatures by the camouflage strategy they use (Shockwave and non-Shockwave versions available.)
Plus Resources and the NOVA Challenge.

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