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Welcome to the NOVA Challenge
- a brain-game based on the NOVA broadcast and its companion Web site Leopards of the Night.

Dive right in! Take your best shot! You'll have fun, and might learn something new!

Take the Challenge

If you've missed our past Challenges, it's not too late!

"Ice Mummies" (week of 11/24/98)

"In the Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius Challenge" (week of 11/10/98)

"Special Effects: Titanic and Beyond Challenge" (week of 11/3/98)

"Mir: Terror in Space Challenge" (week of 10/26/98)

"The Tracking El Niño Challenge" (week of 10/12/98)

"The Lost at Sea Challenge" (week of 10/5/98)

NOVA Challenge questions written by David Ruben.

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