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The Beast of Loch Ness
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Web Links
The Legend of Nessie Web Site
With documented evidence, film, first-hand accounts, stories, scientific studies and expeditions, The Legend of Nessie Web Site is one of the most concise Nessie sites on the web.

Nessie on the Net in Scotland
Send a Loch Ness postcard, cast your vote on Nessie's identity, and check out streaming videos of eyewitness accounts as well as the murky depths of the loch.

Loch Ness Worms
Loch Ness is an international center for tourism, yet remains one of the largest unexplored environments in Europe. Learn about a species of worm that thrives in the loch.

The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club
The Web site of the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club offers the latest sightings, the most up-to-date news, and a comprehensive list of sightings of the monster.

Cryptozoology is the search and study of animals which are only rumored to exist. This site compiles a number of such animals and offers descriptions of their sightings and captures (but does not discuss the Loch Ness Monster).

The Loch Ness Story by Nicholas Witchell. Terence Dalton Limited, 1974.
A comprehensive history of the monster of Loch Ness, from its first reporting to more recent sightings. Includes many photographs of various expeditions.

The Loch Ness Monster: The Evidence by Steuart Campbell. Aberdeen University Press, 1991.
An in-depth look at all the evidence, both anecdotal and scientific, for the existence of Nessie.

The Book of Fabulous Beasts: A Treasury of Writings from Ancient Times to the Present by Joseph Nigg. Oxford University Press, 1999.
A rich, well-illustrated anthology of writings down the centuries, this volume features pieces ranging from Julius Caesar's description of the One-Horned Hercynian Stag, to Carl Jung's "The Unicorn in Alchemy."

On the Track of Unknown Animals by Bernard Heuvelmans. Kegan Paul International, 1995.
Originally published in 1955, this is a comprehensive look at everything from the Lost People of Ceylon to the Incredible Australian Bunyips, by the father of cryptozoology.

Mermaids and Mastodons: A Book of Natural and Unnatural History by Richard Carrington. Rinehart & Co., 1957.
Illustrated with old drawings, this book's four parts cover fabulous, long extinct, and recently extinct animals as well as existing creatures that are considered "living fossils."

Special Thanks
Alastair Boyd
Willie Cameron
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Lauren Aguirre, Senior Producer
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Karen Hartley, Hot Science Developer
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Rob Meyer, Production Assistant
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Peter Tyson, Producer

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