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Tour U-869
by Timothy Mulligan

In 1991, a fisherman's net snagged on a massive object on the seafloor 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Professional diver John Chatterton went down to investigate and discovered an intact German U-boat from World War II, complete with unexploded torpedoes and the remains of its crew. Astonishingly, neither the American or British authorities, nor even the German government itself, had any record of a U-boat having sunk there.

Chatterton and his diving partner Richie Kohler set out to establish the submarine's identity. After six years of work, which included the tragic loss of three divers, they finally did so. The boat is U-869, a submarine previously thought lost off the coast of Morocco.

In this Flash feature, lead yourself on a self-guided tour of U-869, a Type IXC/40 U-boat that sank for reasons unknown in early 1945.

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