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CNN - Misson Mir
Maneuver a 3-D model of Mir, sit in the shuttle commander's seat, and read articles about recent Mir events as well as profiles on the US astronauts who lived on the station.

Phase I
This site is a good summary of what was learned from the successes and failures of Mir—a Russian-American collaborative—and the implications for the upcoming International Space Station.

Where is the Mir Space Station
Find out exactly where Mir is right now; updated every 1 minute.

Russian Space Agency
Learn more about the Russian Space Agency.

International Space Station
Find out more about the new International Space Station at this official NASA Web site.

Harland, David Michael. The Mir space station: a precursor to space colonization, New York : Wiley, 1997.
This book is a comprehensive technical look at the Mir space station.

Heppenheimer, T.A. Countdown: A History of Space Flight, John Wiley & Sons, 1997.
Here you'll find a survey of the history of space flight from the 1920s to 1995.

Oberg, James. Uncovering Soviet Disasters, Random House, 1988.
This book takes a careful investigative look at Soviet disasters, uncovering secrets that have long been protected.

Oberg, James. Red Star in Orbit, Random House, New York, 1981.
This is a popular-style account of the development of the Soviet space program and how amateur Western "space sleuths" figured it out. Foreword by Tom Wolfe.

Maass, Peter. "Messages from Mir: how the mistakes made on the Russian space station brings us closer to Mars." The New Yorker, October 20, 1997, v 73 n 32 p. 238
This article is a general overview of Mir, the mistakes made, and the implications for the future.

Kluger, Jeffrey. "A bad day in space." Time Magazine, Nov 3, 1997, v150, n 18. p. 84
This article about the collision in 1997 on Mir space station includes related information on cosmonauts Vasili Tsibliyev and Alexander Lazutkin.

Lucid, Shannon W. "Six Months on Mir." Scientific American, May, 1998. p. 46.
This first-hand account from astronaut Shannon Lucid describes life aboard the spacecraft Mir and looks at the future of the International Space Station.

Burrows, William E. "Why Build a Space Station." Popular Science Special Issue, May, 1998. p. 48
This is a look at the new International Space Station, as well as its economic and political implications.

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Glenn Johnson
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Jerry Linenger, Astronaut
James Oberg

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