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The Richards Judith and Sam Richards
Great Expectations

The last months, weeks, and days of a woman's pregnancy are full of anticipation. Moms- and Dads-to-be and their families and friends are all wondering when the baby will arrive, how the delivery will go, and—if the baby's sex is not known in advance—whether it will be a girl or a boy. NOVA Online invites you to join in as the final countdown begins for one woman who has agreed to share her experience in real time. Each week, Judith Richards, a 36-year-old journalist from the San Francisco Bay area, will write in to NOVA and share her thoughts in her final weeks of pregnancy. Read on to find out more about Judith and her husband Sam, who are expecting their baby on or around December 18, 2001, and check back often as we join Judith on the road to becoming a first-time mother.

        Journal Entry 4: November 30, 2001
        Journal Entry 3: November 21, 2001
        Journal Entry 2: November 14, 2001
        Journal Entry 1: October 31, 2001

Photo: Courtesy of Sam and Judith Richards

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