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This hour-long program is divided into eight chapters. If you experience difficulty viewing, it may be due to high demand. We regret this, and suggest you try back at another time. Due to rights restrictions this program is not available for downloading. This program is rated TV-14,S. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Chapter 1 1. Passing on Your DNA

advantages of sexual reproduction

running time 09:53

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 48MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 48MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 32MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 17MB)

Chapter 2 2. The Egg's Journey

expectant parents
finding a mate

running time 06:00

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 29MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 29MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 20MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 10MB)

Chapter 3 3. The Sperm's Journey

reaching the egg
entering the egg

running time 05:41

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 27MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 27MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 18MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 9.5MB)

Chapter 4 4. The First Two Weeks

cell division
morning sickness

running time 04:58

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 24MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 24MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 17MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 8MB)

Chapter 5 5. The Embryo Takes Shape

cells on the move
turning genes on

running time 07:47

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 37MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 37MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 26MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 13MB)

Chapter 6 6. Messages in the Genes

how sex is determined
the SRY gene
building organs and limbs

running time 04:35

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 22MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 22MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 15MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 7MB)

Chapter 7 7. Feeding the Growing Fetus

the placenta
organs begin to function
a remarkable transformation

running time 06:39

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 32MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 32MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 22MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 11MB)

Chapter 8 8. The Third Trimester

the growing brain
pain and danger of human birth
a new life

running time 07:07

watch it in
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (full screen, 35MB)
    76.0 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 35MB)
    53.7 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 24MB)
    27.5 Kbytes/sec (448x336, 12MB)

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