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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
The Carnegie Endowment commits a sizeable portion of its funds toward its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Program and its Carnegie Moscow Center, the leading public-policy institution operating in Russia. On the home page of the Carnegie Web site you will find links to a vast amount of detailed, regularly updated information related to Russia's nuclear capabilities.

One hundred years ago, Fred T. Jane set out to annotate the details of the world's fighting ships. Today, Jane's Defense Weekly is the classic source for global defense, aerospace, and transportation information. Jane's Web site exploits all the advantages of online media to present current, thorough, and fascinating interactive information on everything related to the world's defense activities in the air, on land, and at sea.

Center For Defense Information
The Center for Defense Information is an independent military research organization that produces an extensive Web site devoted to nuclear issues, military forces and strategy, military spending, arms trade, and foreign policy. The site also offers profiles on the capabilities of all known and potential nuclear states.

Federation of American Scientists
The Federation of American Scientists offers a "Nuclear Weapons Monitor," which contains country profiles, an archive of relevant news articles, and a formidable collection of images of nuclear weapons.

Monterey Institute of International Studies Center for Nonproliferation Studies
The Center for Nonproliferation Studies is the largest nongovernmental organization in the country devoted exclusively to research and training on nonproliferation issues. The Center's Web site is a superior resource for research on chemical/biological weapons, missiles, nuclear weapons, terrorism, treaties, and specific regimes. The site also provides extensive reading lists, a contact list of experts, and resources for students and teachers.

Union of Concerned Scientists
What is the proposed ABM shield and will it work? Just how deteriorated are Russia's early-warning systems? Is there a danger that warheads could be stolen from Russia and turn up in the hands of would-be proliferators or terrorists? Find answers to these questions and countless more from the mouths of scientists and policy experts at the UCS Web site.

Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces by Oleg Bukharin and P.L. Podvig, eds. Cambridge, MA: MIT, 2001.
This encyclopedic book, edited by two Russian-born physicists, provides comprehensive information about Soviet and post-Soviet nuclear forces, including the structure of the Russian military and military industry, nuclear planning procedures, the Moscow missile defense system, and the radar and space-based early-warning networks.

The Limits of Safety by Scott D. Sagan. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996.
Clearly not intended for chronic worriers, Scott Sagan's gripping read uncovers a long history of close calls surrounding nuclear weapons in the U.S. and abroad.

The Ballistic Missile Threat Handbook by Jack Spencer. Washington D.C.: The Heritage Foundation, 2000.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the threat of nuclear attack has taken on vastly different dimensions. The Ballistic Missile Threat Handbook explores the newest breeds of nuclear threats for the new millennium, from the possibility of an accidental or unauthorized Russian launch to the likelihood that other countries are turning their newly acquired nuclear capabilities in the direction of the U.S. Spencer's book is full of diagrams, color photographs, and fascinating information.

Special Thanks
Dr. Bruce Blair, President, Center for Defense Information
Dr. Geoffrey Forden, M.I.T.
Amy Sands, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Leslie Woodhead, Producer, "Russia's Nuclear Warriors"

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