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Colditz Castle Museum
For more information on the Colditz Castle Museum, visit this German tourist-oriented site, which contains information about the history of the castle and what is offered at the museum today.

Flight to Freedom - The Colditz Glider
See the building plans for the Colditz escape glider and scroll through a list of makeshift implements used to build her. This Web site, maintained and written by an American freelance writer, also tells the story of the successful flight of the replica glider built by Colditz ex-POWs. The main page ( offers a virtual tour of the castle and town and offers pointers on what else to see and do in Colditz, how to get there, where to stay, etc.

Colditz Castle
On this Web site, see a detailed plan of Colditz prison, with details right down to the placement of floodlights and barbed wire. Also, find out more about the history of Colditz Castle and towns surrounding it.

Colditz: The German Side of the Story. By Reinhold Eggers. Translated and edited by Howard Gee. New York: Norton, 1961
As this amusing and refreshingly candid memoir reveals, Reinhold Eggers, the chief of security for Colditz Castle, clearly enjoyed his job. Check out our excerpt, The Jailor's Story.

Escape From Colditz: 16 First-Hand Accounts. Compiled by Reinhold Eggers. Edited by John Watton. London: Robert Hale, 1973
As soon as he was released from prison ten years after the war was over, the self-described "internationalist" Reinhold Eggers began contacting surviving inmates from Colditz to get their stories of escape. Many of the attempts described in Escaping Colditz appear here in greater detail, along with a number of new ones.

Tunneling into Colditz: A Mining Engineer in Captivity. By Jim Rogers. London: Robert Hale, 1986
What does a mining expert with the British Army's 170 Tunneling Company do once he becomes a POW during World War II? Build tunnels, naturally. Here, Rogers describes the secret passages he built at Laufen, a POW camp in Bavaria, and at Colditz Castle. Includes photos.

Great Escapes and Rescues: An Encyclopedia. By Roger Howard. New York: Henry Holt, 1999.
This comprehensive illustrated reference book examines over 100 great escapes and rescue stories throughout history. The author groups the stories in alphabetical order and provides suggestions for further reading at the end of each entry.

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