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How Did We Get Here? (A Cyber Debate)

In 1996, NOVA Online asked two leading spokesmen in the evolution/creation debate to discuss the question, "How did we get here?" The participants have agreed to keep their letters to less than 500 words and have been given equal time to write them. It should be noted that neither Miller nor Johnson were involved in the production of NOVA's Odyssey of Life.

Miller Johnson

Kenneth R. Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University and is the author of Biology.

Phillip E. Johnson is Professor of Law at the University of California (Berkeley) and is the author of Darwin on Trial.

In chronological order:
  1. November 11, 1996: Kenneth R. Miller
  2. November 19, 1996: Phillip E. Johnson
  3. November 23, 1996: Kenneth R. Miller
  4. November 26, 1996: Phillip E. Johnson
  5. November 30, 1996: Kenneth R. Miller
  6. December 3, 1996: Phillip E. Johnson
  7. December 6, 1996: Kenneth R. Miller
  8. December 9, 1996: Phillip E. Johnson

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