Secrets of the Parthenon

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Chapter 1
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An Icon of Civilization

A highly sophisticated restoration team is painstakingly reassembling the Parthenon of Athens—a classic Greek building that has suffered from wars, earthquakes, and disastrous previous restoration attempts.
running time 8:05

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Chapter 2
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Optical Illusions

The Parthenon's builders created dauntingly precise yet subtle curves throughout the structure, giving the building its legendary grace.
running time 7:38

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Chapter 3
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Lost Since Antiquity

Etched in the marble itself, the restoration team discovers traces made by the ingenious tools the stonemasons used to carve the blocks with such speed and precision.
running time 10:57

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Chapter 4
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Perfect Proportions

Experts examine the extent to which the Parthenon's symmetry and visual harmony is dependent on a system of mathematical proportions.
running time 10:57

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Chapter 5
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A Sculptural Achievement

Two hundred miles from Athens, faint lines left behind on another Greek temple reveal the technique the early engineers used to sculpt the Parthenon's perfect curves.
running time 11:51

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