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The Perfect Pearl

Welcome to the companion Web site to "The Perfect Pearl," airing on March 27, 2007. In the NOVA program we travel to exotic locations around the world where pearls are grown and harvested. Here's what you'll find online:
  • What's Killing the Oysters?
    Since 1994, something has been mysteriously killing off the Akoya oysters of Ago Bay, the heart of Japan's cultured-pearl business. Find out what may be to blame.

  • Culture of Freshwater Pearls
    The least expensive cultured pearl product today rivals the quality of the most expensive natural pearls ever found, and many of them are freshwater bargains from China.

  • How Many Pearls? (Hot Science)
    You've just stumbled on a treasure chest filled with pearls and you want a quick estimate of the number, without having to count them one by one. Dive into this activity and find out how to estimate your treasure.

  • History of Pearls
    Long known as the "Queen of Gems," pearls possess a history and allure far beyond what today's wearer may recognize. Explore the rich history of this organic gem.
Plus Resources and the broadcast transcript.

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