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Coral seahorse, side view coronet: is nearly as distinctive as a human thumbprint

dorsal fin: moves fish forward

pectoral fins: control turning and steering

eyes: each eye moves independently

reproduction: male becomes pregnant when a female, like this one, deposits her eggs into his pouch; each pregnancy lasts about two to three weeks (varies with species and water temperature); once the male gives birth, he usually becomes pregnant again right away

diet: each day a seahorse can consume up to 3,000 brine shrimp; seahorses have no teeth and swallow their food whole

species: about 35 known species exist

size: depending on the species, from 1/4 inch to a foot or more

range: found in most of the world's temperate and tropical coastal waters

What threatens the seahorse?

Photo © K.B. Sandved/Visuals Unlimited

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