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Web Links
Dr. Samuel Sheppard, the Fugitive - From the Crime Library
Read a thorough account of the Sheppard case at the Crime Library, an on-line resource that compiles intriguing stories about crime, gangsters, and more.

Crime & Clues
The Crime & Clues is an online magazine of sorts that offers in-depth articles on crime-scene investigation, death investigation (pathology, anthropology, and entomology), and a discussion forum. This searchable site also contains authoritative information on physical, testimonial, and behavioral evidence, as well as links to law enforcement and unsolved crimes sites.

FBI Home Page
The Web site of the FBI offers sections on current major investigations, the FBI's most wanted fugitives, an FBI library, information on jobs, and an extensive educational section for kids.

The Forensic Entomology Home Page
This site explores the emerging field of forensic entomology—how insects can be used in forensic science. The site provides links to similar sites, as well as a database of forensic entomologists worldwide, a bookstore, and a message board.

The Innocence Project
This page describes the Innocence Project, a group of Cardozo Law School students and attorneys who volunteer their time to review hundreds of cases of inmates claiming they have been falsely incarcerated. Where appropriate, the project arranges for DNA tests that may lend support to the convictsÕ claims of innocence.

Mockery of Justice: The True Story of the Sheppard Murder Case by Cynthia L. Cooper & Sam Reese Sheppard New York: Penguin, 1997
In this book, co-authored with attorney and journalist Cynthia Cooper, the son of Dr. Sam Sheppard tells the story of the Sheppard murder case as he sees it—namely, that his father was innocent and that the late Richard Eberling, a former window washer at the Sheppard home, was the likely murderer. This Web site's chronology was adapted from this paperback edition.

The Sheppard Murder Case by Paul Holmes New York: David McKay Co., 1961
In the Foreword to this book, Erle Stanley Gardner says it is a "fact-studded history of a case which years after its official ending continues to hold the public interest." Like Mockery of Justice, it propounds the view that Dr. Sam Sheppard was unjustly tried and convicted.

Special Thanks
Lyle Shirley
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Charlotte J. Word, Ph.D., Cellmark Diagnostics
Sarah Rose

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