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Learn about the history of aeronautics and the principles of flight through text, graphics and video clips.
How Things Fly—Faster Than Sound
Find out about the physics of supersonic flight.
NASA Facts
NASA's experiment to control laminar, or smooth, airflow over the wings of supersonic aircraft so as to increase fuel efficiency.
Off to a Flying Start
An informational and interactive site for elementary school classrooms with hands-on projects to be conducted under teacher supervision.
The Un-Official Concorde Homepage
A personal Web site that gives an account of the history of flight, with particular emphasis on the development of the Concorde.
The Anatomy of the Aeroplane
by Darrol Stinton
American Elsevier Publishing Co., 1966

Get Real
The Experimental Aircraft Association's Young Eagles Program

Volunteer aviators with the Young Eagles provide free flights to young people ages eight through 17, who are interested in aviation. The Young Eagles program has taken some 350,000 young people on flights in nearly every type of aircraft, including standard factory-builts, antiques, classics, warbirds, aerobatics, jets, helicopters, balloons and gliders. Nearly 20,000 EAA members have volunteered their time and aircraft to participate as Young Eagle Flight Leaders (pilots). Volunteer pilots are needed for the many events scheduled around the world each week. Other volunteers are needed to help find young people, to assist with ground transportation and to coordinate pre- and post-flight activities.

If you are interested in volunteering write to: To become a Young Eagle, call the Young Eagles Office at (920) 426-4831 to request the name of a chapter in your area and receive a registration form, or send an e-mail to the above address.

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