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MD -- The Making of a Doctor, Part II

Classroom Activity

To review and suggest changes to the Hippocratic Oath.

Materials for each team
  • copy of "Hippocratic Oath" student handout (HTML)
  1. Copy and distribute the "Hippocratic Oath" student handout. After students have reviewed the oath, point out to the class that it was written more than a thousand years ago. If they were to write a new oath for doctors in the 2000s, how might students change the document? What values would they want to keep? Divide the class into groups and ask each group to write a new oath for the medical profession.

  2. After students have read the Hippocratic Oath and written their own, have groups share how they Updated the oath.

Activity Answer

As they review the Hippocratic Oath, students will probably find that many of the values included in it are still worthy. It is likely that students will choose to retain most of the values of nondiscrimination, maintaining privacy of the patient, and general respect for life. Some of the changes that they may want to make might involve including more choices about new technology or changing the line "my colleagues will be my brothers" to more nonsexist language.

Teacher's Guide
MD -- The Making of a Doctor, Part II

Video is not required for this activity