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Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica
This Web site describes why the South pole is a good place to conduct certain kinds of astrophysical research, what it's like to work in such a difficult environment, and much more.

National Ice Core Laboratory Science Management Office
If our feature "Stories in the Ice" fired you up to know more about what can be learned from ice cores, this is the place to come for the goods.

Everything you always wanted to know about Antarctic ice, weather, geology, oceanography, and the like, brought to you by the people at Rice University.

Virtual Antarctica
Launched in December 1995 to follow the Terraquest Expedition to Antarctica, this site archives the scientists' journals, photos and routes, and includes intriguing information on the history and science of Antarctica.

Live from Antarctica
Gathered from an online field trip to Antarctica, this page includes a teacher's guide with classroom activities, scientist's journals, and pictures from the pole. This page also links to Live from Antarctica 2, a more recent expedition.

Macquarie Island Station, the Sub-Antarctic
As part of the Australian Antarctic Program site, this page displays a view of the Macquarie Island Station in Antarctica via webcam. Descriptions accompany the shots, which are updated hourly. This site also links to the Davis and Mawson station sites, which also house live cameras.

Welcome to the Ice
Created by a man who installs and repairs automatic weather stations in Antarctica, this personal Web site houses pictures, journal entries and frequently asked questions.

ANSMET: The Antarctic Search for Meteorites
Hosted by Case Western Reserve University, this site explains why Antarctica is the best place on the planet to collect meteorites and what can be learned from them. Learn how to collect meteorites, what its like to live and work in Antarctica, and more.

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC)
The ASOC is a conservation group working to protect the biological diversity and wilderness of Antarctica, including its oceans and marine life. Their homepage includes a newsletter and other current press items, information about how to get involved, and a list of links to like-minded organizations.

The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica
by Stephen J. Pyne
University of Iowa Press, 1986
A lyrical essay on Antarctic ice in all its myriad forms, with complementary chapters on Antarctic exploration, literature, earth science, and geopolitics.

A Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit
by Jeff Rubin
Lonely Planet Publications, 1996
A comprehensive guidebook for anyone seeking to visit the White Continent.

The Greenpeace Book of Antarctica:
A New View of the Seventh Continent
by John May
Doubleday, 1989
A beautifully illustrated compendium of all things Antarctic, from penguins to the growing human impact.

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
by Alfred Lansing
Carroll & Graf, 1986
One of the most riveting adventure stories ever written, chronicling Ernest Shackleton's failed attempt to reach the South Pole—and his crew's miraculous escape after their ship was crushed in pack ice.

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