Missing in MiG Alley

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Chapter 1
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MiG Alley

During the Korean War, a new episode of Cold War confrontation erupted as Russian MiGs and American Sabres engaged in dogfights high over the border between China and Korea.
running time 8:41

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Chapter 2
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Missing in Action

Over 30 American Sabre pilots disappeared during the Korean War, and even half a century later, their descendants crave any information about their fate.
running time 6:38

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Chapter 3
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MiG vs. Sabre

Whenever veteran Soviet and American pilots squared off over MiG Alley, each took advantage of the two planes' strengths and weaknesses.
running time 7:37

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Chapter 4
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American pilots who survived being shot down were interrogated — sometimes by Russian officers — in an attempt to learn more about the Sabre's technology.
running time 8:53

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Chapter 5
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Technology Secrets

When captured MiGs or Sabres fell into enemy hands, each side was able to learn more about the key technologies of these legendary warplanes.
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Chapter 6
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Bringing Home MIAs

Soviet President Boris Yeltsin's 1992 speech promising to send home any captured MIAs brought renewed hope to the relatives of missing pilots.
running time 9:30

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