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The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone
by Thomas McNamee
Henry Holt and Company 1997
Thomas McNamee, a rancher and conservationist, dramatically captures the complex scientific and political struggle surrounding the 1995 gray wolf restoration at Yellowstone.
The Yellowstone Wolves: the first year
by Gary Ferguson
Falcon Press 1996
Naturalist Gary Ferguson offers a detailed account of the setbacks, triumphs, and poetic beauty of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction.
The Boomerwolf
The Boomerwolf character offers whimsical interactive games and adventures that teach kids about wolves. Boomerwolf will also personally respond to your questions about wolves.
Wolf Park
This Indiana research and education facility gives you the opportunity to sign up for a seminar on wolf behavior, subscribe to WOLF! magazine, apply for an internship working with wolves, and browse a wolf family album.
The International Wolf Center
Follow the progress of the reintroduced Yellowstone wolves through frequent updates, and search the wolf telemetry database to track their travels.
Wolf Haven International
General information about wolf conservation with lists of wolf links, books, videos, and other resources.
A newsgroup for the discussion of wolves and wolf-mix dogs.

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