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quiz - how much do you know about hiv/aids?

In the U.S., what percentage of new HIV infections each year occur in African Americans?

A - 20 percent

B - 50 percent

C - 60 percent

Worldwide, 40 million people are estimated to be infected with HIV. How many don't know they are infected?

A - 40 percent

B - 50 percent

C - 90 percent

On average, what is the increased lifespan for a person with HIV if they are taking antiretroviral drugs?

A - 8 years

B - 15 years

C - Indefinite

How many times a day does HIV reproduce in the body?

A - 50 to 100 times per day

B - 10,000 to 100,000 times per day

C - 10 billion to 1 trillion times per day

How long is HIV's so-called "dormancy period" -- when an infected person doesn't experience symptoms?

A - Up to 6 months

B - Up to 2 years

C - Up to 10 years

In a 2006 survey, how many Americans incorrectly believed that HIV can be transmitted through sharing a drinking glass with an HIV-positive person?

A - 10 percent

B - 23 percent

C - 40 percent

Some people do have natural protection against HIV.

A - True

B - False

Circumcision cuts the risk of a man acquiring HIV from a woman during sex by how much?

A - It doesn't

B - 30 percent

C - 60 percent

What is the biggest HIV risk factor for women in many developing countries?

A - Being married

B - Earning less than $1 per day

C - Working as a prostitute

In developing countries, how many people living with HIV/AIDS are currently on treatment?

A - 20 percent

B - 10 percent

C - 2 percent

Which country bans federal funds for needle-exchange programs?

A - Iran

B - Brazil

C - United States

When did HIV first cross the species barrier, evolving from a simian (chimpanzee) virus to a human virus?

A - The 1930s

B - The 1950s

C - The 1970s

Where did the dominant strain of HIV, which has infected 90 percent of the world's human population, first emerge?

A - Somewhere around Lake Victoria, in Central Africa

B - Southeastern Cameroon

C - We'll never know



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posted may 30, 2006

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