Bad Voodoo's War

Video Extras

The sights, sounds and smells of daily life in Iraq, a tribute to a fallen comrade and more. Check back over the coming weeks for more video from the field.

NEWCamp Virginia
Take a tour of where the men live on base with SFC Toby Nunn and see what 6' x 8' x 6' really looks like.
NEWIts Not a Matter of If, It's a Matter of When
Sfc. Toby Nunn talks candidly about his conversations with his driver Spc. Hamlin and his gunner Spc. Jonathan Serbellon about the inevitable event of an attack on their vehicle.
MREs in the ASV
4 AM picnic in the ASV: Toby takes us on tour of the notorious MREs. No lettuce and tomatoes for the Bad Voodoo Platoon.
Sgt. Jake Demand
Sfc. Toby Nunn pays tribute to his fallen friend who took 18 rounds on the ramp of a Stryker, giving the rest of his men time to get to safety.
Joe Camel
Spc. Bryan Hamlin finds a camel in Kuwait - and tries to hitch a ride home.
The Making of Bad Voodoo's War
Sgt. J.P. Borda, Sfc. Toby Nunn and director Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes) tell the story of how a virtual friendship led to the making of Bad Voodoo's War.
Sfc. Toby Nunn, "Platoon Daddy"
Meet the platoon daddy whose call sign is Voodoo 7, Sfc. Toby Nunn. Canadian citizen, former Stryker brigade, and father of three, many of Toby's men say there's no one they trust more.
Nasal Tubing
Bad Voodoo Platoon nasal tubes in their time off - you might want a little more lube on that thing!
Having a Sandstorm Smoke
Bad Voodoo's backyard in Kuwait makes a downtime a joke.
Sgt. J.P. Borda, "Milblogger Muscle"
Sgt. Jean-Paul Borda leaves his desk job to answer the call of duty after the 9/11 attacks and finds a new use for his tech skills creating one of the world's largest aggregator milblogs.
Spc. Jason Shaw
Spc. Jason Shaw joins the Army for direction and ends up a veteran on his third tour at 23 years old.
Pfc. Jonathan Serbellon
For Pfc. Jonathan Serbellon, a teenage dad and former gang member, the military is his chance.

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posted april 1, 2008

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