Bad Voodoo's War

press reaction

The New York Times -- Neil Genzlinger

"… this is a very different view of the war than you'll see on the nightly news. …

"The platoon draws the seemingly mundane duty of escorting trucks all around the country, but in this roadside-bomb-based war, of course, it's not mundane at all. [Director Deborah] Scranton, aided by creepy nighttime video, builds the tension effectively toward the inevitable explosion, pausing along the way to fill in the back stories of a few of the soldiers. …"

The Wall Street Journal -- Nancy deWolf Smith

"… What kind of person can face months of such danger, day in and day out? Only the brave, undoubtedly. Beyond that, it is difficult to say much more specific about the men of Bad Voodoo Platoon. Of its 30-something members, only two have been chosen to speak at length here. What they have to say is disturbing on many levels. …"

United Features Syndicate -- Kevin McDonough

"… moving …

"You can't help but be touched by the dedication of these men to their country and to each other. …"

The Star-Ledger -- Alan Sepinwall

"… while admiring the complexity and achievement of [last week's 4.5-hour series] 'Bush's War,' I couldn't help but be more affected by 'Bad Voodoo's War.' Admittedly that's just the nature of the two films -- one a clinical dissection of foreign policy and inter-agency turf battles, the other an intimate, first-person look at only a handful of soldiers -- but if forced to choose one or the other as the proper fifth anniversary commemoration, I'd likely pick the latter…"

The Hartford Courant -- Roger Catlin

"Should be mandatory, albeit not easy, watching. ...

"If last week's massive summary brought us up to date on the history of the Iraq engagement, this week's episode … puts us vividly and uncomfortably in the present. …"

Contra Costa Times -- Susan Young

"… Unlike a journalist embedded with the troops, the camera makes no judgment; no color commentary spews from its lens. Just hard reality that viewers can filter through their own eyes. …"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"… compelling television …"

The Cincinnati Enquirer

"… these guys make ideal subjects, combining strength and humanity. …"

The Huffington Post -- Leslie Griffith

"… the mother lode of all reality shows …

"Director Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes) uses her brilliant 'subject as reporter' theme to tell Bad Voodoo's War. With very few 'embeds' (journalists reporting from Iraq), Scranton jars us into the reality of war by forcing us to see through the eyes of the soldiers. …" [Read more …]

"… The reason I like Scranton's work is that the soldiers tell their own stories - the good, the bad and the ugly - and you get plenty of that in the interviews. Yes, some just want to go home, others want to do the job they've been giving, and others worry about the (lack of) ability for Iraq to provide it's own security. …" [Read more…]

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posted april 1, 2008

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