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Big Money 2012

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Listen to our partner’s Big Money 2012 series on how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling has changed the political playing field.


Targeting the Electorate

An interactive documentary experience that allows you to personalize the story to find out how campaigns may be targeting you.

The Digital Campaign

An exploration of the way the presidential campaigns are using unprecedented amounts of new data, and controversial new tactics, to target their messages and persuade voters.

Big Sky, Big Money

A tale of money, power and political intrigue in the remote epicenter of the campaign finance debate: Montana.


More Evidence Key Dark Money Group May Have Misled IRS

Western Tradition Partnership’s alleged big donor says he has actually never heard of the group.

Mysterious Docs Found in Meth House Reveal Inner Workings of Dark Money Group

Boxes of records turned over to Montana authorities show that a top person from Western Tradition Partnership interacted with candidates and helped shape their election efforts, possibly violating laws that bar coordination between campaigns and outside groups

“Dark Money” Group Central to Citizens United May Have Misled IRS

A western nonprofit that played a key role in freeing corporate spending on elections nationwide appears to have misled the IRS when it applied for the tax-exempt status that shields its donors from being publicly disclosed.


James Bopp: What Citizens United Means for Campaign Finance

James Bopp, the lawyer behind Citizens United, on why he wants to bring down more campaign finance laws. “Political speech is still the most highly regulated activity protected by the First Amendment,” he told FRONTLINE.

Trevor Potter: The Political Reality of Citizens United

The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Citizens United has resulted in less transparency and the potential for more corruption in the nation’s campaign finance system, says former federal election commissioner Trevor Potter.

What You Need to Read on Money & Politics

This year’s election is the most expensive in history, with outside groups calling the shots in political races across the country.

The Rules That Govern 501(c)(4)s

Why these groups can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections — without disclosing their donors

Citizens United and the Rise of the Campaign… Stalker?

Armed with high-definition cameras, their job is to follow and film everything a political candidate says and does.

Should Campaign Donors Be Disclosed?

A new Marketplace story asks whether anonymity is detrimental or essential to the political process.

Citizens United Lets Unions Canvass for More Votes

When it came to asking for votes, unions once could only knock on their own members’ doors. Not anymore.

FRONTLINE Announces a Big Collaboration

In an unprecedented collaboration among public media’s most respected news outlets, FRONTLINE and Marketplace launch a groundbreaking multiplatform-media investigation this month into campaign finance practices.


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