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photo of cheney and ford, the whitehouse and vp cheney being sworn in

What are your thoughts on this report about the battle over the power of the presidency and Bush and Cheney's new way of looking at the Constitution?


Thank you for producing this program. It helped me understand the principle underlying the Cheney/Bush agenda that explains all their actions. I completely disagree with their position but at least now I understand what they believe. Before watching this show, their actions made absolutely no sense and seemed completely irrational.

If the American people had seen a program like this explaining their beliefs about the absolute power of the Presidency at the beginning of their campaign, I believe fewer people would have supported them. Obviously, that's why they wanted to keep it all a big secret. Till now.... Thanks again....

Shelley Diamond
San Francisco, CA


I have been reviewing the postings. What I feel many of us are unwilling to recognize is that each of the issues raised by frontline have been in discussion in the Senate and House have for years. What Front Line is reporting is the actions that have been taken in public, through hearings without a mechanims for accountability. The Senate has the ability to provide political pressure on many of these issues but the real change to Executive Branch's power, as it currently is interpreted, can only come through the House through impeachment of Vice President Cheaney. This strong message is necessary to curtail the widening interpretation of Executive Branch's power. The President and Vice President, should not be above the law, evne in times of crisis or war. This will hopefully be one of many lessons from 911.

Lakeland, MN


Now I remember why I quit watching PBS news programs. They are so liberally slanted, I am susrprised this one did not slide completely off my tv set!

Glenda Crawford
Tulsa, OK


Thank you PBS for not only reporting on this, but allowing us to see the interviews and do some investigation into this on our own. Sometimes party affilation is less important than the knowledge of what our government is doing with the authority we give it. People should focus more on this.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Antoine Parker
Des Moines, IA


I, too, would like to thank you for airing this program. I do not have much to add to the comments that have already been made except to point out to the critics that in taking their Oaths of Office, the President and Vice-President Do Not explicitly pledge to protect American lives or even the United States itself. What the Founders in their amazing wisdom required the President and Vice-President to swear to was "to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." This is, of course, exactly what this administration has not done.

Mark Kuperberg
Swarthmore, Pa


To all of those who say Cheney is creating a Unitary executive in response to 9/11, I remind you that his quest began long before his ascendancy to the Office of VP. Rewatch the program online. And for those who are willing to give up their privacy and allow further government intrusion, ask yourself how that's different from China's policies.

Stu Binn
Poconos, PA


Normally your stories are left biased and this one was almost centrist. What your story brought to light is how our Vice President was able to do more than influence policy. In fact your story portrayed him as the ultimate power broker. What was woefully lacking in making this story more credible was the abscence of how our President dealt with our Vice President's influence. On face value of the story it portayed our President and his immediate staff as puppets of a Cheny regime. Despite the leftest Bush bashing, our President and his staff did far more than just take orders from the Vice President and his staff.

More of the conflict between the two offices should have been reported.

Not a bad job in reporting but still two far left and unbalanced.

Simi Valley, Ca


Thank you, Frontline, for having the courage to call it like it is. I have read some of the posts here in the discussion forum and it is sad to see that some people feel PBS is biased, question why their tax dollars are funding this, etc. This story about Cheney isn't about the Left or the Right, it's about a group of people who want to destroy the balance of power in our government, effectively making the presidency a dictatorship. This affects us all in a serious way and one's political affiliation will not give any protection. That Cheney and his cohorts happen to be Republicans is here nor there. The fact remains that what Cheney and friends wish to accomplish is unconstitutional, illegal and dangerous. This should be a concern to all Americans. PBS is doing the right thing in exposing Cheney's motives and secret actions. Keep up the good work!

Lisa LaFlame
Anaheim, CA


Thank you for the program "Cheney's Law." I did notice one statement at the beginning which should be corrected: it was that Cheney has sought to regain or re-establish presidential power that was "lost" after the Nixon-era debacle. The power was never the president's to wield. Nixon believed himself above the law. The current administration apparently holds the same view. What has come to light after almost eight years is that these people simply do not possess the qualities that are fundamental in elected officials leading the United States of America. Putin is manipulating the situation in Russia and it creates a ripple in the world community. Bush and Cheney & Co. have been doing the same in the U.S. since they siezed on the tragedy of 911 as an opportunity to pursue their own purposes -- much of it done in secret or in a spinning of the truth. All in the name of "national security" or "war president" or "executive privlege" -- whatever convenient heading they imagine will work. The self-proclaimed "compasionate conservative" is neither. A veto of the S-CHIP and adding trillions to the national debt to fund a mismanged war will disabuse anyone who might think that this presidency merits that moniker. This administration will simply go down in history as one of the worst ever (self-)inflicted on the American people. What should be our response as citizens? It would depend upon ones view of the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors."

Curt Salke
Northport, NY


After watching Cheney's Law last night, I was left wondering how Dick will feel about his role in making Hillary Clinton the most powerful President in our history.

Montclair, NJ00


The only thing more appalling than Cheney's pursuit of power is my fellow American's who not only stand by, but support him in the name of fear.

To my fellow citizens, it is true that we are at war with a faceless enemy that has no scruples, an enemy that knows no honor, no shame.

But I still can not understand the logic that would sacrifice such total power to one man. He is our president, but he is also a man and men are fallible.

Andrew Brengle
Chicago, Illinois


This was the best coverage, to date, of what the Bush administration has done and how they've done it. Thank you for putting it together in a narrative that makes it clear.

This is as close as I've seen anyone come to a new version of All the President's Men and of course, it's not over yet. Shows like this might help keep us from going to war with Iran for the same no good reasons we invaded Iraq.

Impeachment of both Bush and Cheney isn't enough: they are war criminals as well as criminals against the US state and need to go to trial. It wouldn't make me feel bad to see Rice and Addington on trial with them. These people are sociopaths who the weak Democrats can't seem to work up the nerve to stop.

Richard Wanderman
Warren, CT


I'm not a regular viewer of Frontline (but I will be now) and happened to see the show last night on Bush and Cheney and what they have done with the Constitution.

Assuming that the details are correct, and I think that they are since they interviewed so many people who participated directly, I was very impressed with the reporting. This is the standard of journalism that I expect and look for.

As for the message, there wasn't anything new and I wasn't surprised.

So where to from here? With the current political climate we will elect Hillary Clinton and we can expect almost the same level of secrecy and executive privilege.

Democracy began with direct democracy (European Town Hall meetings, ~900 AD)and moved to representative democracy due to physical limitations as political boundaries grew in size. We now have the technology to very economically have referendums via internet voting on individual issues - Governor Schwarzenneger is showing the way. That's the only way that I can see how this country can begin to truly represent the people. And then the onus will then shift to the people to be fully informed and educated on the issues.

Congratulations to Frontline on good journalism.

Alvin Enns
Raleigh, NC


Mr. Yoo, despite his opinions, has earned my respect for his courage; explaining his position on this particular program, 'Cheney's Law', as well as the others he has appeared with you, unlike the secretive nature, from 'day one', of this administration. As they have 'shown' disdain for the press, the people they represent and any protections we might hold sacred in the protection against the abuse of power.

It 'appears' that some of your critics are so used to being force fed the results of a baseless opinion, in the claimed conservative agenda, they don't know how to recognize a program that while drawing your own conclusions to the 'facts', is actually sourcing it. So, look it up for yourselves, and draw your own conclusion.

Unlike the mental atrophy inflicted at FoxNews; You are allowed to think here! You know, go beyond the program presented and do a little digging of your own.

I always leave your program with the knowledge that I am responsible for my own education and you just happen to be 'one' source, on the way to an ever vigilant fight for truth, in a world full of "public opinion shaping".

Thank you for presenting another program of actual journalism, so rare today.

John Martin
St. Louis , Missouri


Great show! I think the thing that saddens me the most is that most Americans don't know and don't care about the "Truth". As long as we are able to go to work every day and prosper all the details of what our government is doing holds very little interest. I think there is also fear that anything we do say or do against this type of government puts us in a very dangerous place.

ocoee, FL


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posted october 16, 2007

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