The Choice 2008
Barack Obama


Views and observations on Obama's nature and character, political skills, how he's dealt with adversity and what's shaped him -- drawn from the dozens of interviews conducted for The Choice 2008 and for Dreams of Obama.

His Nature & Character
Core Beliefs & Agenda
Political Skills & Insight
Harvard Law Days
2004 Convention Speech
The New Senator
2008 Campaign
Rev. Wright & The Speech on Race
What are Americans Looking For?
The Choice Facing Voters

Barack Obama


These extended conversations with those who know or have closely observed Obama yield an understanding of who he is and what made him run.

photo of David Axelrod
David Axelrod
... Chief strategist, Obama campaign

photo of Will Burns
Will Burns
... worked on two Obama political races in Illinois -- one a win, the other a defeat

photo of Cassandra Butts
Cassandra Butts
... Harvard Law classmate; Obama adviser

photo of Tom Daschle
Tom Daschle
... Former Senate Majority Leader, 2001-2003

photo of Mark Halperin
Mark Halperin
... Time magazine; co-author, "The Way to Win"

photo of Gerald Kellman
Gerald Kellman
... hired 24 year-old Barack Obama as a community organizer in Chicago.

photo of ryan lizza
Ryan Lizza
... Washington correspondent for The New Yorker.

photo of David Mendell
David Mendell
... Author, Obama: From Promise to Power

photo of Newton Minow
Newton Minow
... Obama’s friend and mentor from his days in Chicago.

photo of Pete Rouse
Pete Rouse
... Chief of staff to Sen. Obama

What Makes a Good President?
Presidential historians and other experts on the qualities that make for success or failure in the Oval Office.
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Glimpses of the lives and careers of McCain and Obama
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posted october 14, 2008

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