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What did you think of this FRONTLINE report? What are your thoughts on these two unlikely candidates?

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I think you did a great job of depicting both candidates why their ideology about life and the experiences that they have had form the policies of these two extraordinary men. To those who those that you took it easy on one candidate or another are just used to seeing nonsense where only one side is being told by a political pundit who wants the person to see only their side of an issue. What I like about Public television is that you give us facts sometimes these facts may be hard to swallow especially, when it is a political figure that is looked up to. However, it is often sobering to know that these are not terrible people but have the failings and shortcomings of all human beings.

Angela frink
Brooklyn, NY


It wasn't until I watched this Frontline that I had made a decision about whom I was voting for. The segment about Obama becoming President of the Harvard Law Review is what caused me to choose him as my candidate. The fact that in the face of overwhelming pressure from the left-leaning majority he chose to stand up for the conservative minority speaks volumes about Obama's ability to worth with both sides of the aisle. I think this will shape up to be one of the most productive presidencies in history.

Mark Nutter
Woodbury, MN


With all the mudslinging during this election season, thank you for such a fair and positive presentation of the candidates. One is seasoned and disciplined during tough times. The other is details-oriented and thinks things through. Both are great qualities in a president. I had decided on my vote long before, but after watching your show, I can remain content with whomever is elected president because they will bring their respective strengths to the job. I couldn't turn the program off even though I had to get up at 4 AM. A sincere thanks for such a refreshing program.

Decatur, Georgia


While I had decided upon the candidate I would support before the primaries were truly on the way, I was struck, during the program, by the similarities of the candidates: Candidates neither of the party lords expected. It made me consider whether it might not be better to do away with parties and allow each candidate to campaign on their own merits without having to pander to the "party line".

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Perhaps we as viewers come to the program with our own particular bias, but I felt that your program presented a more favorable overall impression for Obama than it did for McCain, tho' I was not personally re-persuaded by this myself. Even tho' you covered some problems each one of the candidates has had, your presentation seemed to me to "showcase" McCain's faults rather than his character assets, and your program played down Obama's problems and shortcomings so that it seemed to merely mirror what the regular newscasters have been doing. It didn't seem to be that different to me from what's already been going on in the news reports. I was not impressed by it, for the most part, but rather, I was disappointed between what it promised and then what it presented.

Kristin Plummer
Malvern, Arkansas


With the amount of press given to the Obama-Bill Ayers association, I was surprised that it was not mentioned during the entire two hours.

Wayne Willis
Smithfield, VA


Outstanding show. I do agree that perhaps a bit more time was spent on Obamas past than McCains, but overall it was fairly complete. It shows the stark contrast between the two candidates, and how truly inspiring Obama is given the enormous struggles he had to overcome to obtain his current position. A true American story showing that with honest hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Thank you again.

John Williams
N. Central, Florida


Your postings lean heavily towards people who think you walk on water, but I will give this a try. There is a major discrepancy in your broadcast between your tendency to analyze and assign to Barack Obama the worst possible motives to his actions - and to whitewash and call "maverick" McCain's motivations. You swept over McCain's errors (personal) and professional (his choice of Palin and support of Bush). And saved all your cynicism for Obama. I dare you to print this.

Sally Piper
Santa Barbara, CA


I have watched FRONTLINE for some time, and I consider it one of the best programs on television. This particularly program, the CHOICE should win accolades for its balance, perspective, brutal honesty, and intelligence. I am a Democrat and Obama supporter, and I thought this program gave a very comprehensive and balance analysis of the life and career of John McCain. I also think it showed just how careful and seasoned Barack Obama is.

I believe it shows what I always believed: since 2004, Barack Obama has spent time carefully crafting his image and approach all in search of the presidency. I was so happy to see that Mr. Obama ran for president after we saw that 2004 election speech because in my view, he is the antidote to many of the problems in the nation. He has a new approach, and a fresh perspective. I do not think he is a wildly liberal man, but a careful and consciouses progressive who will begin to implement much needed reforms in a careful manner. This documentary all but confirmed my analysis.

Congratulations on creating an insightful and essential program with greater analysis than that provided by the world of 24 hour cable news networks.

David DeRosa
Naugatuck, Connecticut


I want to thank you for such an in-depth portrayal of two of America's finest stories. It is rare in the public's 15-second attention span to find meaningful coverage of the candidates.

The political debate is tragic when we have resorted to talking about hockey moms, joe six pack, joe plumber, and who has more attack ads. We need serious leadership for serious times and the public needs to make an informed decision.

Thank you for providing the kind of serious reporting this country so desperately needs.

Mathew Salter
San Francisco, CA


What I most appreciated about this production was the subtle presentation of what the two men have in common, since I am already familiar with their respective political and personal differences. I learned they each have a history of building broad and relatively progressive political coalitions, both have come back from serious political setbacks and both have tended to walk the "fine line" between their necessary poltiical base and their "reach" constituencies. Keep up the good work!

cleveland, ohio


"Choice 2008." Nice title for the so-called "choice" between Big Government and Really Big Government. The only real difference between these two candidates is which group of their friends will be enriched at our expense.

And while PBS usually does a better job than the rest of the mainstream media at presenting the public with unbiased information, you are just as guilty as the commercial media this time for being in the pockets of the two-party tyranny.

We will have no real "change" in this country until the real voices of change are allowed to be heard. PBS could do this. This time, you chose not to.

Larry Hill
Northampton, PA


Finally the only kind of reporting that we should be getting...unbiased reporting. Very interesting no matter what side you are on! THANK YOU!

hermosa beach,


this was a great report on both candidates strengths, strategies and struggles. I appreciated the interviews with people who have worked with both men. One of the saddest realizations I have from this is how deeply divided we are, even within our own political parties. The task of building bridges and healing wounds across all fronts will be paramount. It is for this reason that I feel Barack Obama is the better choice. He brings a wider, more educated, multi-cultural vision to the table, with amazing eloquence.

Prairie Village, Kansas


I can always count on Frontline to present the facts in a thought provoking, indepth, unbiased manner. While I am an Obama! supporter, I gained a better understanding of the issues that shaped both candidates and the decisions they have made throughout their political careers.

It is programs like Frontline that ensure my fincial support to PBS!

Kittee Kat


Thank you Frontline! Your piece on presidential candidates McCain and Obama is the only one I have been able to stand to watch in its entirety. I appreciate your unbiased and thorough examination of both candidates. I wish other members of the media would follow your lead.

Amanda Chamberlain
Bountiful, Utah


posted october 14, 2008

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