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Why Poverty Persists in Appalachia »
Cynthia M. Duncan, an expert on rural poverty in America, talks about what perpetuates poverty in Appalachia, with occasional references to how the film "Country Boys" captures the ways in which poverty is lived, experienced and reinforced there. And, she discusses the possibilities for change -- what could turn the region around and help it prosper.

The David School »
Danny Greene, the school's founder and director, talks with FRONTLINE about its history, philosophy and challenges, and his own experiences with Chris and Cody while they were students there.

An Adult Matters »
Mark Kiselica, an authority on counseling and mentoring boys, explains the ways in which a caring adult can have a powerful role in a young person's life.

An Interview with Pastor Bill Stukenberg »
Pastor Stukenberg was Cody Perkins' religious mentor. He talks about his "struggle" with Cody's heavy metal Christian music, the meaning that Cody finds in his music, how today's teens are seeking religion and spirituality in different ways, and how the youth of eastern Kentucky compare to young people elsewhere.

A Short History of Kentucky/Central Appalachia »
Floyd County in eastern Kentucky, where "Country Boys" was filmed, is located in the geographic center of America's Appalachian region (see map). Eastern Kentucky's history epitomizes the problems that have long plagued the larger region: poverty, unemployment, poor education, and a troubled relationship with the coal industry. While "Country Boys" chronicles how Chris and Cody's lives defy many of the stereotypes commonly associated with the region, it also shows how their community still lives with the legacy of Appalachia's past. Here's an overview of that past as it unfolded in Kentucky.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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